Likes Boys

I first discovered Amelia’s latest article at The Scarlet Lesbian.

Every time I see an article or post from Amelia about her son, it warms me — to be reminded that there are people, especially parents, out there like her and her husband.

Last night, on Huffington Post, she published an article about her son wanting the “Likes Boys” t-shirt made popular by Kurt from Glee. I recommend it as a read and won’t get into recapping it here. But the takeaway for me was the weight of this decision, for her and her husband, of buying this shirt for their son – since it will bring public attention to what has been a supportive, family “situation” (sorry, I lacked a better term, long day at the office) of her son identifying as gay. And the public can be a little… unpredictable… when it comes to how they react to open displays of gayness. So the parents were torn between supporting and fostering their son’s sense of self and protecting him from negative, and possibly hurtful, reactions.

We don’t have kids… yet (eyebrow raised and impatient foot tapping directed at my boyfriend), but I can appreciate how difficult, and rewarding, these types of situations can be. I have a few friends with kids. One couple I can see becoming the type of parents that Amelia and her husband strive to be. I love my friends and their son so much; I consider them family, even if we don’t happen to be related.

I’m glad that people like Amelia speak out, about their lives and what love, and acting in loving manner means to them, because it offers support and confirmation to the people I love – they’re not isolated in their approach to raising their son.


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