Marriage Polls

So far in the US, only a handful of states have legalized same-sex marriage, or as I like to call it, “Marriage for All”. Of those that have legalized it, the change in law has come from either the legislative or judiciary branch – each time the question has been put to voters, the measure has been rejected.

But, this November 6th, there’s a chance that may all change. Here’s a recap (with my own flourish, of course) from the New York Times.

According to the Times, “Maine voters support legalizing same-sex marriage 57-36, with 7 percent undecided, according to a new Critical Insights poll.

Jessica Fletcher is on the case of the remaining 7%, but I’m certain she’s proud of the 57% supporting legal Marriage for All. I can’t say for certain, but based on the number of Russian ballerinas she helped defect to the US over the years, there has to be some support for the gay community.

As Maine goes, so goes the nation, folks.

Maryland voters favor marriage-equality 49-39, with 12 percent undecided.

I know it’s cheesy, but I think it’d be kind of great for a win in Maryland, mostly because of the homophonic glory of Marriage for All winning in “Marry-land”.

Bad puns? Look no further.

In Washington state, current polls show that Marriage for All leads the “not in my lifetime” crew by 18 points, coming in at 56-38. This seems ridiculous high for the Wooden Teeth state.

The NYT’s points out that the latest survey was an automated system and that can skew results.

And for those of you who don’t know the person in the picture on the left, pick up a book, man!

Last, and somewhat least, for being the Alabama of the North, is Minnesota. You know them, you love them, they gave us the Mall of America and Michelle Bachmann.

Minnesota isn’t voting to have Marriage for All. Their vote is to update their Constitution (written in crayon, so those that elected Bachman can read it) to “disallow” (i.e. – ban, make criminal, suppress the rights of those wishing for) same-sex marriage.

Here’s the kicker, Minnesota already has a state law in place that bans same-sex marriage and upholds second-class citizenship. But they’re so terrified that the law isn’t just, that they’re  voting to amend their Constitution (I hear they’ll be using Cornflower Blue to write it in). At least they’re thorough in their attitudes.

Currently, 49 percent in favor of the amendment, 47 percent opposed, and 4 percent undecided.

Until election day, I’m calling those in favor of the amendment (against Marriage), Bachmanns, and those against the amendment (for Marriage, please keep up), Kluwes. Because Chris Kluwe is just too awesome not to have a band of awesome people named after him.

While the polls look good now, there’s plenty of time for fluctuation, as well as margins of error. So if you know someone in any of these states, don’t forget to say something to them. Voting is important.

Also, I think I may host a themed costume party for New Year’s Eve in honor of the first state to have voters approve Marriage. I see a lot of battleships (for Maine… seriously, pick up a book), Virgin mothers (Maryland, it’s in a different book), or George Washington Carvers (there’s the pay-off!) welcoming me into 2013.


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  1. “Their vote is to update their Constitution (written in crayon, so those that elected Bachman can read it) to “disallow” (i.e. – ban, make criminal, suppress the rights of those wishing for) same-sex marriage.”

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read since Jacob Zuma (our president) announced he had showered after unprotected sex so it was all okay.

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