The Best Way to Hit the Ground at 700 mph

Plucked from TowleRoad:

From last night’s Nightline:

“Bir told ABC News that her data made it clear that bracing for impact — placing one’s head down and putting one’s hands over one’s head — could increase the odds of survival. During the crash, which was a belly flop done nose first, passengers near the front bore the brunt of the impact. Rows one through seven held the “fatal” seats — seat 7A was catapulted straight out of the plane. Many of the seat-belted dummies who weren’t bent over in the bracing position incurred spinal injuries from jerking forward in their seat belts.”

As the perfect combination of James Bond, Jack Bauer, MacGyver, and all the hot men from Lost, I’m sure you can see how this information is particularly valuable to me.



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