Gay Eagle Scout

This came across my newsfeed from Towleroad:

Ryan Andresen had recently completed the requirements to earning his Eagle Scout award, including a “tolerance wall” for victims of bullying like himself, but his Scoutmaster would not sign off on honoring him with the Boy Scouts’ highest ranking because he is gay, his mother said.

Okay, I get it. You’re the Boy Scouts of America. You have a policy, which, I might remind you, even the US Military no longer subscribes to.

But, you’ve basically trained this guy to be a one-man, knot-tying, ass-kicking, survivalist machine. Seeing as the BSA doesn’t have a corner on the swiss army knife market, perhaps you don’t want to piss the brother off.

Just saying, a snare trap is no fun to be caught in.

Unless you’re into that…

Which I’m not…

So how about that local sports team?


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  1. One wonders how long he’d been a Scout before they caught on.

    Did the kid suddenly come out of the ‘Tent’ or did they become suspicious because Ryan was good at knitting or something?
    Shakes head. Strange world.

    Lord Robert Baden Powell (who started the scout movement) wrote a book called ‘Scouting for Boys’. Sounds like a deviant cruiser to me.

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