Let’s Get Our 1953 Panties On

Picked up from Colinology:

Colleen Lachowicz is a Democratic candidate running for State Senate in Maine. She’s also a level 85 orc in the massively popular online game “World of Warcraft.” And for that, the Republican party says she is unfit for office.

Maine’s GOP has accused her of living a “bizarre double life” and set up a website meant to out Lachowicz’s participation in the popular online game — a game that currently boasts some 10 million players around the world.

Not only does the website show off a picture of the orc character she plays — named Santiaga — it also displays comments that have been dug up from online forums in which Lachowicz talks about her love of the (sometimes violent) game as well as her thoughts on various political topics.

I’m glad the Republicans have brought this to light. Lachowicz’s behavior touches on some of the most important issues of the day, and should be used as a catalyst for an open dialogue. Let’s start with such topics as:

1) WoW is extremely unpopular. We should remove it from the national infrastructure. We might also consider firebombing their home world.

2) Politicians may only participate in the following extra-curricular activities: Golf. Infidelity. Anything else is obviously “French.”

3) During all those hours of game play, Colleen Lachowicz could’ve been baking pies. Has she no consideration for the national pie shortage and the low obesity rates Americans are suffering from?

4) This is obviously Colleen Lachowicz’s true form, when she’s not wearing her human suit. Do we really want an (alien, orc, Communist) in government?

Without having brought this issue to light, we might be left to think there was nothing of substance to criticize Colleen Lachowicz for.


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