Bro Tax

Of his new economic plan, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence said the following:

“I understand the desire of some to hurry off to the fault lines of a social issues debate, but I actually think we could create a broad consensus around this where we say in effect, ‘Are there ways for us in Indiana to affirm two-parent, married couples and to encourage more kids to get married, to stay married and to wait to have kids until they get married?,” Pence said in an AP interview.

The context of this quote, picked up from Towleroad, has to do with the exclusion of gay parents from the economic plan.

Maybe I’m making a leap in logic here, but I’m assuming that this economic plan is essentially a series of tax breaks for the aforementioned lifestyle choice (straight, married, kids).

If that’s true, I’d be curious to hear from any of the following folks:

  1. Those who decided not to get divorced, based solely on their tax bracket.
  2. People who chose not to get married, because they wanted better tax breaks.
  3. People who didn’t die, or become widowed, because of the tax breaks they would lose.
  4. People who never had, or stopped having, kids due to the “Boston Tea Party, throw the damn kids over the boat,” level of taxation.

That’s all tongue and cheek of course. I don’t resent people for their tax breaks. It’s nice to have more money.

I just wish Pence had called it what it was. The “You’re just like me, Bro” tax.

It’s brown-eye-douche-nozzles like Pence that give Bro-dom a bad name.


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