Can You Handle This Handle?

The name of my blog comes from an old internet identity – in the days when I would troll internet chat rooms, hook-up sites, or set-up porn accounts. You know what they say about Mid-West Americans:

If you don’t have a separate identity for sex, you don’t have sex.

Who actually says this??? No one – but, it’s pretty damn true. That’s why wherever you go in this country, you find so many people born and raised in the Mid-West. Dual identities are damn hard to maintain. It gets exhausting. Plus, we have so much sex, migration is our only means of population control.

But back to the name. In those days, t.c.jock stood for The C____ Jock. The perfect blend of rhyme and rhythm – Dr. Seuss would have been proud.

I’m gay, so the name is actually less douchey than it sounds.

But since those days, I’ve settled into a long-term relationship and a growing career, but have yet to move out of the Mid-West (no population explosion in my little universe, folks).

So the initials, as all good initials should, has changed over time. Now, I’m simply The Casual Jock – granted, the loss of both rhyme and meter is devastating, but like all adults, I’ve had to put most of my toys away.


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