If the 1% Can Self-Destruct, Does That Disprove Social Evolution?

To be part of the 1% of hotties, you need to be this hot or hotter.

From the Pink Agendist, I picked up this NYT’s opinion piece on the Self-Destruction of the 1%.

I recommend reading it, especially if you are not familiar with Venetian history and La Serrata. The later parts of the article veer into qualitative observations, with the few quantitative notes being repetition of facts you’ve heard if you’re interested in the growing income gap in the United States.

Which I am.

I’m a light-weight economics nerd. And not part of the 1%.

Well, the economic 1%.

I am part of the hotties 1%.

And face it, we’d all rather be beautiful than rich. It’s just not possible after 40.


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