Oh! That’s Where I Left It

According to this article* on MSN, Texas border patrol fond the following items on Nelly’s tourbus:

35 bags of heroine, Ziploc’d
1 bag of pot, small
1 loaded .45 calibre pistol

I think it’s obvious what went down here – a classic case of overpacking.

If you’re going to Texas, you need to have a gun. It’s the law. If you’re stopped by the police and don’t have one, the authorities will deport you… even if you were born here.

I’m sure this was the group’s first time packing heat, which is a stressful situation. So a little marijuana helps keeps the nerves in check. It was probably a choice between that or NyQuil, and Lord knows you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery on NyQuil.

And as we all know, pot is a gateway drug. So Neocons take note, 1 small bag of pot leads to exactly 36 Ziploc bags of heroine.

It’s a classic case. I mean, when I pack, I take four or five pairs of shoes. Maybe I’ll go running, or hiking, or clubbing, or to a Smack Attack Part-ay.

*The article notes that one of the other travelers on the tourbus admitted to all of these being his. Nelly and the rest of the crew are pure as the driven SNOW.


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