I’m Behind, But I’ll Be Gentle

Since getting back from Hong Kong, I have been insanely swamped and burnt out.

For everyone that says the internet has everything, it does not have “Hot Guys in Underwear Sleeping on a Plane.” But I did find this, “Hello Kitty Underwear for Dudes.” So basically, a wash.

“Burnt out?” I hear you ask, to which, I sadly nod. It turns out that jet lag is a fact, and not a monsterous fiction created by the travel illuminati. For those of you unaware of travel related conspiracies, the travel illuminati create stories to scare people into staying home and off airplanes. The Lochness monster and Sasquatch of Brunei are two examples of the travel illuminati’s handiwork.

Apparently, Snopes.com was incorrect when they indicated jet lag was the third illusion created by the T.I.* For shame Snopes, because I did my homework, why didn’t you?

(If Linus, from Peanuts, grew up to be a hot, gay, novice blogger, I’m pretty sure we’d be friends.)

But that’s not all!

I also joined NaNoWriMo (not a fictional conspiracy group, nor a strain of Argentinian bedbug, which was my initial thought too). NaNoWriMo stands for “National Novel Writing Month.” So, you guessed it, I’m attempting to write a novel in the month of November; but before you get all impressed and drop down to suck me off for a fifth time tonight, it’s not necessarily a completed, coherent novel. It’s pretty much free writing one storyline with an end goal of writing 50,000 words by the end of the month.

Now you can be impressed and go for fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds tonight, because 50,000 words is squarely in downtown Shitloadsville.

I’ve been working hard on churning out the words, and have already passed 41,000 – well on my way to completing the 50K goal.

I plan to use this exact look and pose for the author photo of my book.

But between the jetlag, novel writing, work, and other … extracurriculars, something ended up sliding, and sadly it was T.C.Jock. Next time, I’ll let the extracurriculars slide – my Chinese checkers game has not improved at all! (And yes, that’s a euphemism.)

But the dragon of jetlag has been slain, and now, we get back to the fun and games! (But not Chinese checkers, I can’t seem to get the right position in that.)

*When you check Snopes.com on this, I’m sure they will accurately point out that this has been made up. “This” being this post, not jet lag is a fiction.


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  1. Cute butt, although Hello Kitty is doing it NO justice!

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