Got Milked

I de-friended a cousin on Facebook because he wouldn’t stop posting those damn planking pictures. I didn’t get it, it was idiotic, and I spit on anyone who tries to plank in my presence – except for those hot naked sushi guys, where you eat the sushi right off their bodies.

Thank god it’s over. (The planking, not the hot naked sushi guys, so don’t start fretting. This is a fret-free zone.)

But I’m happy to report that there is a new, awesome, fucking hilarious new trend called “Milking.”

I’m serious, I’ve watched this twenty times and I always laugh. It’s just so lovably ridiculous.

And what about that guy at the 1:30 mark, the one in the shower. It’s disgusting and sexy all at the same time; which I’m afraid is how  kinks are born.

A shoutout to Towleroad for sharing this awesomeness.


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