SUPERM Beauty and Hell Exhibit

Vulnerability can be beautiful. I often forget that.

Have you seen some of the photos from SUPERM‘s Beauty and Hell exhibit, or read the Advocate’s write-up on them?

Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny are the SUPERM duo, artists in crime and boyfriends to boot. I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous of that, having a relationship that is both emotionally and creatively fulfilling. Though I count myself lucky to have one out of two.

And for something that’s insanely charming, here’s how they met (which, I’ll admit, is slightly better than how the Boyfriend and I met):

I was outside on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette and saw this sexy Eastern European looking guy standing not too far away. I thought he was straight as the crowd outside was mixed, but then I noticed he went back inside the bar, so I followed him in, introduced myself and asked if he wanted to dance. He said ‘sure’ and we hit the dance floor. He was a terrible dancer, which just turned me on even more, and soon after we left together and had really hot sex all night long. I still had no idea Slava was a great artist. The next day he asked me something really strange. He said, “I’m gonna do a shoot with my skinhead friend, who’s gonna be lying on the sidewalk wearing diapers and boots and he’ll be covered in broken eggs, but I need someone to throw the eggs at him. Will you do this?” At the time, it was the most bizarre thing someone had ever asked me to do, so of course, I immediately said “Yes!” Little did I know that his “friend” was, in fact, his ex-boyfriend.

Now that is a story to tell the grandkids… when they’re in their twenties.


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