Mister Burns and the Fiscal Cliff

I fell out of love with the Simpsons awhile back. Now it’s more like that friendship where you continue to hangout because you’ve known one another for so long; but the only pleasure you get is reminiscing about the good old days. I call these days Seasons 1-3. Somewhere along the line, they went from satire and heart to “The More You Know” PSAs and cuddles.

So imagine my surprise to catch the Mister Burns shorts that are out there. They’re a throwback to the days of social commentary that the Simpsons would inject into their episodes.

I suspect that the watered-down feel of the Simpsons has to do with the long production time for an episode. It’s difficult to make an episode that comments on the fiscal cliff, when it won’t air for another 15 months. These shorts seem to support this feeling.

But without further ado, Mister Burns presents the fiscal cliff.


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