Uruguay, You’re Awesome


This is the flag of Uruguay.

Why is the sun smiling? Well, because Uruguay’s House just passed marriage for all by a vote of 81-18.

That means only 18% of their Representatives dissented. 18-fucking-percent.

What the fuck ‘merica? Can you envision a day where marriage for all passes our House by 356 votes?

My God, can you imagine anything passing our House by 356 votes? Hell, I wonder if they even get 356 members to show up for any given vote.

Uruguay’s marriage bill now needs to pass the Senate, though given the support, it doesn’t appear defeat is in its future. So congrats to Uruguay for entering the twenty-first century, and if anyone knows of a nice villa down there, give me a call.

I’m pretty, smart and funny – a good addition to any country’s population.

Plus, my dog’s housebroken. Win-Win.


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  1. Uruguay rocks! This makes me want to vacation there.

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