Be More Productive, Hoss

Below is a great video on productivity that I picked up from Towleroad.

And while I hate to point out issues with science, because that’s a slippery slope into evolution land (where the hell did Chinchillas come from, alligators?) – I would like to suggest one productivity hack that I’ve recently learned and started implementing – I call it the COC method, so as not to have to pay royalties to anyone else.

It’s pretty simple. COC stands for “Cut Out the Crap.” Basically, when you’re about to do anything, ask yourself, “is this crap?”

If the answer is yes, fucking cut it out.

I should probably have created an infographic for this post, but that would be crap, so I cut it out.

See how that works? I just freed up seven hours of my day.

I’m writing a book on this shit.

Also, don’t multi-task. It’s so000 1997, which was not a good year for me.


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