Doctor Who Christmas Special

Picked up from the awesome Henchman-4-Hire.

Outer space? Sentient reptiles? Lesbians? That’s a lot for any inspector to have to handle. But I know us Whovians can handle this delightful mini-prequel starring Lady Vastra in preparation for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.

I would add turn of the century London, one of my favorite time periods for Doctor Who, and befuddled inspectors. You know someone will end up sacrificing themselves to save London from the snow, but who will it be?

  • Lady Vastra?
  • Her partner?
  • The inspector from Scotland Yard?

I’m so excited!


UPDATE: Holy Hell, how did I put the NPH video in here instead of Doctor Who? People, you need to tell me when this happens. You have a responsibility! Jeebus.


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