Doctor Who, The Snowmen, and The Living Lady

Doctor Who and Clara. Wait! Reverse the order. Clara’s in the dress. You never can tell with this show though.

The Boyfriend was out of town this past weekend to enjoy New Year’s festivities with several college friends. They rented cabins, drank copiously, and apparently wore bear costumes at one point.

And while I’m all over the cosplay scene (look it up if you’re over 18. If you’re under 18, go have a milkshake, they’re awesome.) I could not enjoy this weekend in the woods and had to remain in Chicago.

But all was not lost, because I got the chance to spend sometime with my imaginary best friend, The Doctor. That’s right, I had a chance to catch the Doctor Who Christmas episode and let me tell you, it was a hum-dinger.

From this point on, I can’t promise there will be spoilers, but I also can’t promise there won’t be spoilers. We’re writing on the fly my friends – isn’t it exhilarating!

I know I can barely breathe. I’m like David Carradine in a Thai Swissotel! (Too soon? Nah)

In this episode, the villain(s) weren’t terribly scary or disturbing, though ice queen Nanny McPhee was awesomely sculpted. Girl’s got gams, if we could have seen them.

But this episode wasn’t about the villain, or even the end of the world. This Christmas episode was a chance for us to meet up with the cast of the second half of this season. And OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD! I can’t wait.

First up, we have the return of Strax, the Doctor Who equivalent of X-Men’s Juggernaut, but without the jaunty cap. That said, Strax is the completely well-intentioned comic relief in this (and I assume many other) episodes. Favorite line from this episode: “I suggest we melt his brain using acid, then interrogate him,” but the struggle with the memory worm was a close second.

Second we have Lady Vastra and her wife Jenny. I’m just going to roll both of them into one right now since they were a constant duo throughout the episode. Plus, I don’t have a good sense of what Jenny brings to the table, though if I may say, I highly suspect the word “Ninja” is in her future. Lady Vastra though is highly intelligent, with strong deductive reasoning. She kind, but stern, and overall the sort of person you want as a mentor or teacher. Favorite moment: Interviewing Clara, to protect The Doctor, and insisting on Clara only giving one word answers.

I plan to do this on my next first date, by the way. Not that I’m planning to have a next first date, but as the boy scouts say, “Always be prepared.” Except for gay sex. They don’t want you to be prepared for that.

Last, and most certainly not least, we have Clara, the next companion. I may be blanking here, but I don’t remember a companion being in a Christmas episode since Rose and David Tennent fought those crazy santa machine men. Sure, Donna Noble was in a Christmas episode, but it was at least a year before she became a companion. And could we even appreciate her at that point? I mean now, of course, she’s the Awesomest.

But then there’s Clara. Clara who seems to match The Doctor’s intelligence, resourcefulness, and curiosity. She’s high energy and ready to take on the Universe – not simply for the chance to follow the Doctor around (Amy Pond, I’m looking at you and your Daddy issues) – but because she likes to get into new things and experience everything possible. I mean the girl was both a bar wench and governess, switching accents as easily as if they were hats.

I’ll tell you this, I may be in love with Clara. Perhaps she’ll be my new best friend. I mean, The Doctor is a Time Lord so being cool in a bowtie is just who he is. But Clara is human (we think… Spoilers, Sweetie!) and who doesn’t want to hang with the awesomest human around?

Best line from Clara? “It’s smaller on the outside!” (referring to the Tardis)

We’re already debating what the future season holds for the Reincarnating Clara. Part of me hopes she dies in each episode, so the Doctor has to find her in a new location each episode. Of course, the “It’s smaller on the outside!” is really only funny for one or two more episodes. Then it’ll just become sad, and I’m talking Flowers for Algernon sad.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen the Christmas episode yet, it’s available on Amazon’s Watch Instantly. It’s a ton of fun and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

But be forewarned, new episodes of Doctor Who won’t start airing until April (gasp!) so this momentary fix may be too much with such a desert ahead.


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