2013 Resolutions – Week 3

A quick recap on the 2013 Resolutions to date…

Smoking – Not a cigarette has touched these lips. That said, I tried having a beer for the first time, since the new year, this past week and immediately wanted to smoke. So beer is a trigger and it’s still off the list. On the plus side, I had a vodka tonic and didn’t have the urge to smoke. Hard liquor it is, baby!

Also, one of my triggers is anger and frustration. It’s my usual downfall. This week, I basically had someone hit the giant red “Do Not Push Unless You Want to End the World in a Fiery Cloud of Anger” button that sits on my forehead (it’s a lot sexier than you’d think); but, I made it through the rest of the day without smoking. And I’m talking, they hit that shit at 9 am.

Reading Poetry – I read 12 more poems this week. I read a few by the Inaugural poet Richard Blanco, whose work I find solid, deep, and nostalgic, like wandering back through a powerful memory. I recommend his work for new readers of poetry. You can find his works on his site, as well as audio of his reading his work. Here are the poems I read (if you’re at all interested):

Looking for the Gulf Motel – Richard Blanco
El Florida Room – Richard Blanco
Her Kind – Anne Sexton
A Supermarket in California – Allen Ginsberg
The Romantic Dogs – Roberto Bolano
Self Portrait at Twenty Years – Roberto Bolano
Resurrection – Roberto Bolano
In the Reading Room of Hell – Roberto Bolano
Soni – Roberto Bolano
Ernesto Cardenal and I – Roberto Bolano
Day Bleeding Rain – Roberto Bolano
The Worm – Roberto Bolano

Roberto Bolano is one of my favorite poets of all time. Blanco is Cuban American, Bolano grew up during the Chilean revolution. I apparently like poets that have lives predicated on cultural transitions.

Running – Bitch, please, I have this shit locked up! I’m actually half of a mile ahead of schedule, clocking in at 38.55 miles, as of yesterday. I’ll get my next two (maybe three) done today, once the gym opens.

Blogging, writing, creating – Another bad week in this department and I’m actually sliding backwards, because I didn’t get a single blog entry posted. I’m going with “life’s been screwy this week,” but that can no longer be a reason, otherwise it’ll suddenly be October and I’ll have no chance at making up for lost time.

Recap – As is usual with resolutions, I find some moving to the front of the pack and others lagging behind. This difficulty is, it’s usually the ones that lag behind that are the ones I want to make the most progress on.

Except for quitting smoking. That is the top priority this year. It’s done, it’s over with. I want one of my 2014 goals to be, “Continue not smoking.” That seems as easy as taking a shit as far as resolutions go.

I eat a lot of fiber (being a vegetarian), so “easy as taking a shit” is pretty fucking easy.


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