Howdy, I’m T.C., at least for the purpose of this blog.

Yeah, I know, there’s nothing cool about a pen name. So let’s call it an alias, or even better … a nom de plume. Yes, this is not a mere nickname, it is the blogging equivalent of a French revolutionary penning, with quill and ink, a manifesto in favor of life, liberty, and a great fart joke.

Like our French revolutionary, I’m a passionate lover with piercing eyes and amazing muscle tone. And let’s not forget this amazing jawline!

But unlike our French revolutionary, who proves his devotion to his cause with every word and action, I’ll be fortunate to generate a blog post more than once a month. I’m what some might call “easily distracted”.

No one ever tells you that you can be 35, have a blossoming career, and be entering the 11th year of your relationship and still be “easily distracted”. Distraction’s something we’re supposed to leave behind, like baseball cards or an umbrella on the bus.

My distraction takes the form of hobbies. This week I’m starting a blog. Next week, it will be art classes. Two weeks from now I’ll be training for a 10K, before disappearing behind the lens of a camera for a week.

So the best description of this blog, is a place to store my distractions. What I’m doing, what I’m working on, and what I’d like to do.

  1. Making people laugh or smile is a gift. Most of your writing is making me do both.
    The written in crayon line slayed me.

  2. HA! You’re a year old than me, old man 😀

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