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Maika Elan’s Real Love in Vietnam

I picked up the following from LGBT Icons, and the photos are absolutely stunning.

You can see the whole story on the New York Times, but Maika’s decision to publish this work is really interesting. She initially took the photos in Cambodia, but wasn’t sure that she really wanted to publish them. After returning to Hanoi though, she realized how hidden gay couples were in the Vietnamese media, specifically that when photos were taken, the faces were always hidden.

The colors and structure of these photos are amazing, but I think the real beauty is in the intimacy of each one.

This is one of my personal favorites:


NPR Snap Judgement Winner

A lot of people are talking about Noah St. John’s Snap Judgement performance (video below). He won NPR’s spoken word performance of the year and it is really awesome to watch.

I’m glad he’s getting a lot of attention, he definitely deserves it. But I think it’s unfair for this to be described as a performance about how he was raised by two moms, because it isn’t, at least not really. The fact is that he has two moms, but it’s about growing up, fearing the end of your parents’ relationship, and those ridiculous moments that make being a family so very important.

There are moments that speak to the awesomeness of being gay, but this one speaks to the awesomeness of family. It’s poetry.


Neil’s Puppet Dream – Dream Bump

So the latest Neil’s Puppet Dream is out.

This time the dream isn’t about the puppets. Instead, it’s about that natural competition that pops up in any relationship; in this case, who can have the better dream. (Hint: It’s David Burtka, and sweetie, you want to be invited to that dream!)

Catch here:

Favorite Lines Include

“Bob Macke, he designed them for me in a power nap.” – David Burtka – Because any Bob Macke reference is awesome.

“Hey Joe, you want me to be your water.” – Neil Patrick Harris
“That’s super weird, Neil.” – Joe Manganiello

And Willam has a cameo. I love Willam, she cracks my shit up.

Smeagol Vs. Gollum

I picked up the following video from Henchman-4-Hire, who finds the funniest shit online.

This rap between Smeagol and Gollum is legendary. 8 Mile legendary, until Adam Levine shows up, then it basically becomes 16 mile legendary. For those of you NOT from Detroit, 16 Mile is also named Big Beaver Road and happens to be exit 69 off the highway. So that basically makes it 10 zillion times more legendary than Eminem’s movie.

I’ve heard good things about The Hobbit. I’ve also heard bad things about The Hobbit. But I haven’t heard anything bad about Gollum’s rap, so get a-watching!

Neil’s Puppet Dream… More Sex! More Ick.

Hmmm… I have to say, this episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams was less “HAHA” and more “I think I need a bath now, preferably with a sandpaper loofa.”

I know, I know, it’s a puppet, so what if it is underaged? I’m such a prude… and yet… icky feeling.

That said, when the police offers tackle NPH it becomes pretty hilarious. “Oh, you’re teeth are so soft…” That’s comic genius!

Today, everything I’m seeing in the world is reminding me how many wonderful, loving people are out there. Perfection for the holidays!

Raising My Rainbow

It was the most sincere display of appreciation that my five-year-old son has ever shown.  He looked me straight in the eyes and said a very mature and worldly “thank you.”  The words were full of honesty, relief, happiness and a little bit of anguish.

“You’re welcome, baby,” I said looking at him with a smile and masking the pain I was feeling.  “You look so pretty.”

My gender creative son was thanking me for buying him a dress to wear to Christmas Eve dinner.

photo 3 He had eyed the ensemble at Target weeks ago and asked to wear it for Christmas Eve so he could take “fancy pictures by the fireplace and the tree.

I told him no.  Not because the outfit was made for girls and he is a boy, but because had I bought it then he would have wanted to wear it immediately and often and when…

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Don’t Throw Shade

This came across my newsfeed from Joe.My.God:

Yesterday, as an older couple situated themselves poolside at the Island House in Key West, I overheard a young, muscular handsome boy say something quite disparaging regarding their arrival.  Those ugly words had hardly left his lips when the apparent leader of his coterie of five equally beautiful men chastised him angrily, poking a finger in the subject’s chest: “Darling, if you are very, very lucky, you can only hope that one day, maybe, you and I and all of us will be around to enjoy a place like this when we are their age. Don’t throw shade, honey. See yourself in them.” The speaker’s friends nodded vigorously and first boy cast his eyes downward in embarrassment.

It raised my spirits on a dark and drizzly Mid-Western Thursday.

Neil’s Trouser Weasel

A new episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams is out. In this episode, we learn three very important things:

  1. Neil’s doctor is Patrick Fillion, much to the disappointment of doctors everywhere who will forever be compared to Fillion.
  2. Neil has a sizeable trouser weasel.
  3. Focusing on one guy’s penis for less than 10 seconds is uncomfortable. Focusing on NPH’s penis for 3 minutes, priceless!

Here’s the episode:


SUPERM Beauty and Hell Exhibit

Vulnerability can be beautiful. I often forget that.

Have you seen some of the photos from SUPERM‘s Beauty and Hell exhibit, or read the Advocate’s write-up on them?

Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny are the SUPERM duo, artists in crime and boyfriends to boot. I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous of that, having a relationship that is both emotionally and creatively fulfilling. Though I count myself lucky to have one out of two.

And for something that’s insanely charming, here’s how they met (which, I’ll admit, is slightly better than how the Boyfriend and I met):

I was outside on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette and saw this sexy Eastern European looking guy standing not too far away. I thought he was straight as the crowd outside was mixed, but then I noticed he went back inside the bar, so I followed him in, introduced myself and asked if he wanted to dance. He said ‘sure’ and we hit the dance floor. He was a terrible dancer, which just turned me on even more, and soon after we left together and had really hot sex all night long. I still had no idea Slava was a great artist. The next day he asked me something really strange. He said, “I’m gonna do a shoot with my skinhead friend, who’s gonna be lying on the sidewalk wearing diapers and boots and he’ll be covered in broken eggs, but I need someone to throw the eggs at him. Will you do this?” At the time, it was the most bizarre thing someone had ever asked me to do, so of course, I immediately said “Yes!” Little did I know that his “friend” was, in fact, his ex-boyfriend.

Now that is a story to tell the grandkids… when they’re in their twenties.

Pissing in the Elevator

I am not above admitting, I would piss myself if I was one of the unsuspecting victims in this elevator gag.

Of course pissing yourself is a natural defense mechanism, the smell turns off would-be predators, and cheek pinching aunts. I learned that last one at the young age of 5 and am happy to report, it still worked at this most recent Thanksgiving.

Thank god the sense of smell is the last thing to go – amirite?

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