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Neil Patrick Harris Get Probed

You know, I always thought that the first time I saw Neil Patrick Harris lift his leg for a warm probing, there wouldn’t be a cold, heartless computer screen separating us.

Of course, having the moment I wished for would have given me a heart attack.

I guess it’s true, Life only gives you what you can handle.

Stupid Life.


Neil’s Puppet Dream – Dream Bump

So the latest Neil’s Puppet Dream is out.

This time the dream isn’t about the puppets. Instead, it’s about that natural competition that pops up in any relationship; in this case, who can have the better dream. (Hint: It’s David Burtka, and sweetie, you want to be invited to that dream!)

Catch here:

Favorite Lines Include

“Bob Macke, he designed them for me in a power nap.” – David Burtka – Because any Bob Macke reference is awesome.

“Hey Joe, you want me to be your water.” – Neil Patrick Harris
“That’s super weird, Neil.” – Joe Manganiello

And Willam has a cameo. I love Willam, she cracks my shit up.

Chris Kluwe vs Stephen Colbert

Have you checked out Stephen Colbert’s interview with Chris Kluwe?

Sorry for just adding a link instead of the actual video, but apparently I’m completely inept at figuring out how to embed a video that isn’t a Youtube video. And I work in technology.

It’s a truism about our world… the experts are idiots. (Or cheap, since I haven’t paid for the WordPress video upgrade… Bastardos!)

Another truism that Chris Kluwe shares with use at the approximate 1:30 mark?

“I’m a football player… that’s what I do… I flex.”

Yes, Chris, yes you do.

You also wear sandals on national television and have freakishly long toes.

Smeagol Vs. Gollum

I picked up the following video from Henchman-4-Hire, who finds the funniest shit online.

This rap between Smeagol and Gollum is legendary. 8 Mile legendary, until Adam Levine shows up, then it basically becomes 16 mile legendary. For those of you NOT from Detroit, 16 Mile is also named Big Beaver Road and happens to be exit 69 off the highway. So that basically makes it 10 zillion times more legendary than Eminem’s movie.

I’ve heard good things about The Hobbit. I’ve also heard bad things about The Hobbit. But I haven’t heard anything bad about Gollum’s rap, so get a-watching!

#BoycottInstagram? Instagram Lives On

I love social media as much as a Millennial. I love taking photos as much as the next Asian tourist. Where, oh where, could I got to combine these peanut butter and chocolate loves.

Wow, I think this may be the most unintentionally racist blog post ever. Chocolate love? Really? I’m ashamed (but not ashamed enough to hit the delete button).

But my combined love of social and photo found a home in the glorious Instagram, which was better than Facebook and Twitter, because it wasn’t drowned in all those pesky words.

But today, Instagram notified the world that our pictures are theirs and they can sell them without notification, attribution, or payment to the photographer.

Now many people have gone to Twitter and complained with the hashtag #boycottinstagram

But why waste the time? You know you’ll share your photos. Your friends will want to see what you’re up to and you want to see what they’re up to.

I can admit this to myself. So I took a deep breath and started using Instagram again at lunch.

Like my photo? (Or see it here:

Today Instagram announced that they own all the photos on their platform and can sell them at their discretion.

Today Instagram announced that they own all the photos on their platform and can sell them at their discretion.


Update: Instagram has clarified their terms of service and it is not outside of regular acceptable standard:

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Picked up from the awesome Henchman-4-Hire.

Outer space? Sentient reptiles? Lesbians? That’s a lot for any inspector to have to handle. But I know us Whovians can handle this delightful mini-prequel starring Lady Vastra in preparation for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.

I would add turn of the century London, one of my favorite time periods for Doctor Who, and befuddled inspectors. You know someone will end up sacrificing themselves to save London from the snow, but who will it be?

  • Lady Vastra?
  • Her partner?
  • The inspector from Scotland Yard?

I’m so excited!


UPDATE: Holy Hell, how did I put the NPH video in here instead of Doctor Who? People, you need to tell me when this happens. You have a responsibility! Jeebus.

Be More Productive, Hoss

Below is a great video on productivity that I picked up from Towleroad.

And while I hate to point out issues with science, because that’s a slippery slope into evolution land (where the hell did Chinchillas come from, alligators?) – I would like to suggest one productivity hack that I’ve recently learned and started implementing – I call it the COC method, so as not to have to pay royalties to anyone else.

It’s pretty simple. COC stands for “Cut Out the Crap.” Basically, when you’re about to do anything, ask yourself, “is this crap?”

If the answer is yes, fucking cut it out.

I should probably have created an infographic for this post, but that would be crap, so I cut it out.

See how that works? I just freed up seven hours of my day.

I’m writing a book on this shit.

Also, don’t multi-task. It’s so000 1997, which was not a good year for me.

You’re Doing It Wrong: The 12 Days of Christmas

Eight maids a milking

Seven Swans a Swimming

Six Geese a laying


Four Calling Birds

Three French Hens

Two Turtle Doves

and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Do you know where the error is? Can you call it out?

I’ve never heard it sung a different way, but turns out it’s not “Four Calling Birds,” it’s “Four Colly Birds.”

I know! Mind blown!

And it turns out that a Colly bird is a type of Blackbird, which makes the whole song that much more awesome. It’s like The Nightmare Before Christmas has woven a little magic into a Yuletide favorite. Plus, wouldn’t all holiday decorations be a bit better with a gaggle of blackbirds hanging around?

After learning this, most people’s reaction is the same, “What the hell is a calling bird then?”

To which I always reply, “An ostrich with bluetooth.”

So many people are confused by this response, that I’ve lost faith in humanity.

Thanks a lot Christmas.

Dalek Christmas

My only regret is that we’ll never have a Judy Garland or Frank Sinatra version of this song.

I wonder what Buble is doing these days?

Mister Burns and the Fiscal Cliff

I fell out of love with the Simpsons awhile back. Now it’s more like that friendship where you continue to hangout because you’ve known one another for so long; but the only pleasure you get is reminiscing about the good old days. I call these days Seasons 1-3. Somewhere along the line, they went from satire and heart to “The More You Know” PSAs and cuddles.

So imagine my surprise to catch the Mister Burns shorts that are out there. They’re a throwback to the days of social commentary that the Simpsons would inject into their episodes.

I suspect that the watered-down feel of the Simpsons has to do with the long production time for an episode. It’s difficult to make an episode that comments on the fiscal cliff, when it won’t air for another 15 months. These shorts seem to support this feeling.

But without further ado, Mister Burns presents the fiscal cliff.

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