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Sunday Funday

This is Fabio Cannavaro and he plays Soccer (aka Football).

I wonder why Americans don’t embrace soccer more.

Cuz I know I’d embrace this guy.

So go out and kick some balls today… you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Sunday Funday – It’s Hockey Time!

I’d call this Fire and Ice, wouldn’t you?

Happy Sunday Funday folks!

For those of you who aren’t aware, hockey is back on!

So slap on a jockstrap and some skates and enjoy the games!

Sunday Funday – Brunching

Happy Sunday Funday folks! Here’s hoping you enjoy a little naked fun today!

Today I’m meeting a friend at Bull & Bear for brunch and I’m very excited.

This is not a photo of my friend.

If it were, do you think I’d be taking time to write a blog post?

After brunch, I’m off to the gym for some more running, followed by a slew of work I need to finish before the end of day tomorrow.

And laundry… I need to do laundry. Otherwise, I’ll be standing around, like this guy all week long

Chris Kluwe vs Stephen Colbert

Have you checked out Stephen Colbert’s interview with Chris Kluwe?

Sorry for just adding a link instead of the actual video, but apparently I’m completely inept at figuring out how to embed a video that isn’t a Youtube video. And I work in technology.

It’s a truism about our world… the experts are idiots. (Or cheap, since I haven’t paid for the WordPress video upgrade… Bastardos!)

Another truism that Chris Kluwe shares with use at the approximate 1:30 mark?

“I’m a football player… that’s what I do… I flex.”

Yes, Chris, yes you do.

You also wear sandals on national television and have freakishly long toes.

Singlet Sunday


Happy Sunday Funday!

Since it’s the New Year, remember in order to keep any resolutions, Team Work is important. And with teamwork like this, I’d keep everyone’s resolution – warm and close.

Merry Christmas! Now Take a Breather

May Santa leave you a package

To those of you that celebrate Christmas, don’t hurt your families.

If you’re like me, you’re now on day 3 or 4 of sitting around the house playing yet another game of Euchre or at a point where A Christmas Story on repeat is actually starting to get old.

And chances are, Santa ain’t going to be leaving the type of package under the tree that’s gonna help relieve all that stress. Granny couldn’t handle the shock and unfortunately, Santa gives based on the lowest common denominator in the house.

Which is why I never got my paint gun.

Mom thought I’d hurt someone.

I just wanted to decorate the basement.

So remember… Santa hurts artists, but you shouldn’t hurt your family.

Bound In Detroit

Nicklas Lidstrom welcomes you to Detroit

Today, I’m writing to you from Detroit – and in honor of Detroit, please enjoy Nicklas Lidstrom, a former Detroit Red Wing and all around beefcake.

I have nothing quite this tasty to enjoy for the long holiday weekend. In fact, I’ll probably be enjoying the exact opposite, an afternoon at the mall with the goal of visiting Spencer’s Gifts.

The Boyfriend is insisting we do something fun while in Detroit and that’s the best we can come up with.

But never fear, always make the best of a bad situation, I say!

So I’ve changed me phone’s screensaver to rotate photos a little less PG than the one we have here… it’ll give me something to look at while the Boyfriend scopes glow in the dark posters, which I will promptly nix as appropriate wallwear for our apartment.

Unless of course we find a Channing Tatum poster with glow-in-the-dark nipples – it’s just sexy-odd enough to fit into my life.

Have a great Sunday and may you enjoy some of my reserve of Funday!

More Than a Mimosa

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

And orange juice does a body good.

Have a great Sunday!

Sweatpants Sunday

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!

I seem to have come down with a touch of the flu after a week of traveling for work. So today will be a sweatpants in bed sort of day.

Sadly, this guy won’t be able to join me; fingers crossed he (or someone equally sexy) is able to join you.

Neil’s Trouser Weasel

A new episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams is out. In this episode, we learn three very important things:

  1. Neil’s doctor is Patrick Fillion, much to the disappointment of doctors everywhere who will forever be compared to Fillion.
  2. Neil has a sizeable trouser weasel.
  3. Focusing on one guy’s penis for less than 10 seconds is uncomfortable. Focusing on NPH’s penis for 3 minutes, priceless!

Here’s the episode:

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