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NPR Snap Judgement Winner

A lot of people are talking about Noah St. John’s Snap Judgement performance (video below). He won NPR’s spoken word performance of the year and it is really awesome to watch.

I’m glad he’s getting a lot of attention, he definitely deserves it. But I think it’s unfair for this to be described as a performance about how he was raised by two moms, because it isn’t, at least not really. The fact is that he has two moms, but it’s about growing up, fearing the end of your parents’ relationship, and those ridiculous moments that make being a family so very important.

There are moments that speak to the awesomeness of being gay, but this one speaks to the awesomeness of family. It’s poetry.



Neil’s Puppet Dream – Dream Bump

So the latest Neil’s Puppet Dream is out.

This time the dream isn’t about the puppets. Instead, it’s about that natural competition that pops up in any relationship; in this case, who can have the better dream. (Hint: It’s David Burtka, and sweetie, you want to be invited to that dream!)

Catch here:

Favorite Lines Include

“Bob Macke, he designed them for me in a power nap.” – David Burtka – Because any Bob Macke reference is awesome.

“Hey Joe, you want me to be your water.” – Neil Patrick Harris
“That’s super weird, Neil.” – Joe Manganiello

And Willam has a cameo. I love Willam, she cracks my shit up.

Chris Kluwe vs Stephen Colbert

Have you checked out Stephen Colbert’s interview with Chris Kluwe?

Sorry for just adding a link instead of the actual video, but apparently I’m completely inept at figuring out how to embed a video that isn’t a Youtube video. And I work in technology.

It’s a truism about our world… the experts are idiots. (Or cheap, since I haven’t paid for the WordPress video upgrade… Bastardos!)

Another truism that Chris Kluwe shares with use at the approximate 1:30 mark?

“I’m a football player… that’s what I do… I flex.”

Yes, Chris, yes you do.

You also wear sandals on national television and have freakishly long toes.

Downtown Abbey: Seasons 1-2 in 5 Minutes

For those of you who are watching Season 3, but didn’t have the time to re-watch Seasons 1 and 2, because you were too busy having “relations” with a hot, sexy thing, this is a great refresher.

For those of you that are just now trying to join the cool kids and have never seen Seasons 1 and 2, stop trying to Cliff Note it. You’re old enough to be responsible for your own television watching. It’s not like I’m making you read a book.

I’m ashamed for you.

But I’d sex you up anyways.

Just like Kemal Pamuk did with Lady Mary Grantham, without the whole death thing.

But you probably didn’t understand that.

See what happens when you don’t watch Downton Abbey? You miss out on all the best sex references.

Smeagol Vs. Gollum

I picked up the following video from Henchman-4-Hire, who finds the funniest shit online.

This rap between Smeagol and Gollum is legendary. 8 Mile legendary, until Adam Levine shows up, then it basically becomes 16 mile legendary. For those of you NOT from Detroit, 16 Mile is also named Big Beaver Road and happens to be exit 69 off the highway. So that basically makes it 10 zillion times more legendary than Eminem’s movie.

I’ve heard good things about The Hobbit. I’ve also heard bad things about The Hobbit. But I haven’t heard anything bad about Gollum’s rap, so get a-watching!

Neil’s Puppet Dream… More Sex! More Ick.

Hmmm… I have to say, this episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams was less “HAHA” and more “I think I need a bath now, preferably with a sandpaper loofa.”

I know, I know, it’s a puppet, so what if it is underaged? I’m such a prude… and yet… icky feeling.

That said, when the police offers tackle NPH it becomes pretty hilarious. “Oh, you’re teeth are so soft…” That’s comic genius!

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Picked up from the awesome Henchman-4-Hire.

Outer space? Sentient reptiles? Lesbians? That’s a lot for any inspector to have to handle. But I know us Whovians can handle this delightful mini-prequel starring Lady Vastra in preparation for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.

I would add turn of the century London, one of my favorite time periods for Doctor Who, and befuddled inspectors. You know someone will end up sacrificing themselves to save London from the snow, but who will it be?

  • Lady Vastra?
  • Her partner?
  • The inspector from Scotland Yard?

I’m so excited!


UPDATE: Holy Hell, how did I put the NPH video in here instead of Doctor Who? People, you need to tell me when this happens. You have a responsibility! Jeebus.

Condiment on Your Sausage

I’m a few days behind on sharing the latest Neil’s Puppet Dreams, but here you go!

My two favorite lines:

“We’ll put a condiment on your sausage and your wife won’t get crabs.”

“I don’t eat beaver ” – “That makes two of us.”

Be More Productive, Hoss

Below is a great video on productivity that I picked up from Towleroad.

And while I hate to point out issues with science, because that’s a slippery slope into evolution land (where the hell did Chinchillas come from, alligators?) – I would like to suggest one productivity hack that I’ve recently learned and started implementing – I call it the COC method, so as not to have to pay royalties to anyone else.

It’s pretty simple. COC stands for “Cut Out the Crap.” Basically, when you’re about to do anything, ask yourself, “is this crap?”

If the answer is yes, fucking cut it out.

I should probably have created an infographic for this post, but that would be crap, so I cut it out.

See how that works? I just freed up seven hours of my day.

I’m writing a book on this shit.

Also, don’t multi-task. It’s so000 1997, which was not a good year for me.

Neil’s Trouser Weasel

A new episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams is out. In this episode, we learn three very important things:

  1. Neil’s doctor is Patrick Fillion, much to the disappointment of doctors everywhere who will forever be compared to Fillion.
  2. Neil has a sizeable trouser weasel.
  3. Focusing on one guy’s penis for less than 10 seconds is uncomfortable. Focusing on NPH’s penis for 3 minutes, priceless!

Here’s the episode:

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