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Warehouse 13 – Thank God for Amazon

Almost daily, I blushingly confess to almost perfect strangers that I don’t have cable.

A lesser man would have caved at this point. All that great entertainment, so many educational documentaries, all those boobies and butts. Even now, I’m eyeing the paperboard flyer that DishComVerse slid under my door three weeks ago and has somehow made its way through the apartment, to the center of my office’s floor. It isn’t calling to me, so much as I’m calling to it, “Free me from my inhibitions.”

Honestly though, there isn’t much I’m missing. Yeah, if I had cable, I’d watch a lot more tv, but most of it would be passive — only watching to pass the time.

But then, there’s Warehouse 13.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty sure this show was created to keep me entertained. First, there’s an eccentric cast of characters. Second, said crazy people, run around collecting artifacts, which have supernatural powers and unleash craziness on the general population. We’re talking Bobby Fischer‘s marbles turning nerds into Type-A psychotic killers. Or Lucrezia Borgia‘s hair comb, creating the ultimate MILF, with a merry band of worshippers at the ready to kill for her.

A lot of these objects turn people into killers – it’s a thing. But an exciting thing – so the repetitive nature is okay.

And please allow me to present the Third and Fourth Reasons in visual form.

Thank God for Amazon Instant Video!


Warehouse 13: Sadness (SPOILER)

In the past week, two of my favorite shows have said goodbye to main characters. The first farewell, resulted in the end of the Doctor’s travels with Amy and Rory, which I talk about here.

The other was on Warehouse 13. The last episode ended with a visual of Leena, laying dead on the ground, shot by evil Arty.

The loss of Leena was a more emotional moment for me than the loss of Amy and Rory. As one of my coworkers said, “It was time for Amy and Rory to take their leave of the Doctor and live their lives together. We’ve gotten to know them well enough.”

But Leena… She was a sweet, but underdeveloped, character. In any episode that featured Leena, I always found myself wishing that the writers would spend a little more time on her story. Who is she? What is her background? Why is she involved with the Warehouse?

I always figured she was somehow connected to Mrs. Frederick. This may have been a familial connection, maybe Leena was her grand-daughter. Or maybe in the way the Mrs. Frederick is physically connected with the Warehouse, Leena is spiritually connected to it — the yin to Mrs. Frederick’s yang. Is the Warehouse source of Leena’s power to see people’s auras?

Obviously, Leena’s death isn’t written in stone. Last season, Steve Jinks, died and was brought back to life. But how many times can the show resurrect a character before the emotional impact of a death is watered down, because we no longer trust the show to kill off a character and respect the audience’s emotional reaction to that?

Assuming that Leena’s death is permanent, I’m disappointed that her life wasn’t more fleshed out. Hopefully, her death will actually open up an exploration of her background.

Characters that represent the innocence of a show deserve to have their demons dragged out. Leena is no exception, in my opinion, especially when it comes to show where seeming coincidence always lead to interconnectivity.

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