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Sunday Funday

This is Fabio Cannavaro and he plays Soccer (aka Football).

I wonder why Americans don’t embrace soccer more.

Cuz I know I’d embrace this guy.

So go out and kick some balls today… you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Sunday Funday – It’s Hockey Time!

I’d call this Fire and Ice, wouldn’t you?

Happy Sunday Funday folks!

For those of you who aren’t aware, hockey is back on!

So slap on a jockstrap and some skates and enjoy the games!

Sunday Funday – Brunching

Happy Sunday Funday folks! Here’s hoping you enjoy a little naked fun today!

Today I’m meeting a friend at Bull & Bear for brunch and I’m very excited.

This is not a photo of my friend.

If it were, do you think I’d be taking time to write a blog post?

After brunch, I’m off to the gym for some more running, followed by a slew of work I need to finish before the end of day tomorrow.

And laundry… I need to do laundry. Otherwise, I’ll be standing around, like this guy all week long

Singlet Sunday


Happy Sunday Funday!

Since it’s the New Year, remember in order to keep any resolutions, Team Work is important. And with teamwork like this, I’d keep everyone’s resolution – warm and close.

Sunday Funday

It’s Sunday Funday, so I’ll leave you this image of a beautiful guy.

But not only is this image pleasing to the eye, it’s an important PSA.

Now that it’s December, remember to dress warmly (long johns) and drink plenty of water as the barometer drops.

Not your Grandpappy's long johns.

Not your Grandpappy’s long johns.

Yes, I know they’re not long johns, so shut the F* up. It’s Sunday, I need a drink and water’s just a mixer.

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